Write a program to convert days into years months and days

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Excel DATEDIF - calculate difference between two dates in days, weeks, months or years

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Java Program to convert number of days into no. of years, months, weeks and days…

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Java program to convert given no. of days into months and days

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Write a C program to convert number of Days to Days, Weeks, Months and Years. Wap in C to convert Days to Years, Months and Weeks. C Program to Convert Number of Days to Week, Months and Years.

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WRITE A PROGRAM TO CONVERT DAYS TO MONTHS AND DAYS. Code for PROGRAM TO CONVERT DAYS TO MONTHS AND DAYS in C Programming Program to convert value from one currency to another i.e. from dollar to rupees and rupees to dollar; Program to print values of 2 raise to power N, N and 2 raise to power -n.

Write a C++ Program to Convert Days Into Years Weeks and Days

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#include #define DAYSINYEAR #define DAYSINMONTH 30 #define DAYSINWEEK 7 int main() c program to convert time in Hours:Minutes:Seconds to seconds.

Write a program to convert days into years months and days
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C Program to Convert Number of Days to Week, Months and Years