Urbanisation and its hazard

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Urbanisation and its Hazards

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Urbanisation and Its Hazards

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article: urbanisation and its hazards Urbanization refers to general increase in population and the amount of industrialization of a settlement.

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It includes increase in the number and extent of cities. What Are the Negative Effects of Urbanization? A: Quick Answer. Urbanization causes environmental and economic strain on land and people. Additionally, urbanization can indirectly affect society by contributing to health problems as a.

Its goal is to draw worldwide attention to the theme of urbanization and health and to involve governments, international organizations, business and civil society in a shared effort to put health at the heart of urban policy.

relations between urbanisation and the risk of natural hazards, which has been little investigated to date. Making interventions affordable may require additional support from other stakeholders or through disaster risk reduction.

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Urbanisation and its hazard
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