The marxist explanation of crime and

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Marxist Theory of Criminology

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Outline and assess Marxist explanations of crime and deviance. In looking at the Marxist explanation of crime and deviance one must also look to the non-sociologist explanations and those of other different groups in order to come to an informed view of the subject.

Capitalism and Crime • Marxist views on deviance adopt a conflictstructuralist stance. • The economic base or infrastructure determines the precise nature of the superstructure, i.e.

the way the economy is organised will determine the norms, values and what is defined deviant. Published: Mon, 5 Dec According to Karl Marx, crime is as a result of the social structures and the economic system that is implemented.

Karl Marx is a renowned scholar who came up with different kinds of theories to explain the various situations in the world of sociology and economics.

Marxist Theory of Criminology

Other critics contest the claim that Marxist criminology “enhances our understanding of crime,” (Greenberg, ; 21). And perhaps the most crucial criticism of Marxist criminology is the question of whether or not it is scientific. May 07,  · Marxist theory provides an explanation for the individual motivation underlying crime.

Bonger argued that capitalism is based upon competition, selfishness .

The marxist explanation of crime and
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