Religion and death in pompeii and

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Religion in Ancient Pompeii

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Religion in ancient Rome

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[Chapter four from J.-P. Descoeudres, Pompeii Revisited: The Life and Death of a Roman Town (Sydney: Meditarch, ).] LARARIUM—HOUSEHOLD RELIGION. Peter Connor.

Religion and Death in Pompeii and Herculaneum

The lararium, the shrine of the household gods, takes its name from the lares to whose vigilance was entrusted the protection of the household. They received regular offerings and were specially celebrated each month (Jupiter.

Secret initiation rites played an important role in the life of Pompeii's citizens, judging by the Villa of Mysteries. The large villa contains an "initiation chamber" painted with a series of frescoes and was used for important rites of passage, often taking a dramatic form where initiates acted out death and rebirth.

In Pompeii, Venus was worshipped as the creator of the universe since it was she who meted out life and death; she was the Venus of Pompeii (Venus Pompeiana) and also mother nature (Venus Physica) and the goddess of fertility an abundance.

Transcript of Funeral Customs in Pompeii and Herculaneum. Religion and Death Death Funerals Tombs Understood that life was short Understnading about death Burial Rites Malicious entities Funeral clubs/ columbarium e.g. Roman religion was adapted from Greek religion But it is evidence from Pompeii that displays the depth of the roman perspective on religion and how integrated religion was in the social, economic and political lives of romans in Pompeii and Herculaneum.

A multidisciplinary volcanological and bio-anthropological study of the eruption products and victims, merged with numerical simulations and experiments, indicates that at Pompeii and surrounding towns heat was the main cause of death of people, previously believed to have died by ash suffocation.

Religion and death in pompeii and
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