Powere and authority

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Difference between Power and Authority

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Power and Authority: Definition, Nature and Theory

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Difference Between Power and Authority

Oct 08,  · Power is the ability to exert force to cause people either to act in a particular way or to refrain from acting in a particular way; while authority is the legitimate, sanctioned exercise of power.

It’s the difference between a lynching and an execution. power, authority, jurisdiction, control, command, sway, dominion mean the right to govern or rule or determine.

Difference Between Power and Authority

power implies possession of ability to wield force, authority, or influence. the power to mold public opinion authority implies power for a specific purpose within specified limits.

Power is the possession of authority, control, or influence by which a person influences the actions of others, either by direct authority or by some other, more intangible means.

Difference between Power and Authority

A prime source of power is the possession of knowledge. The distinction between authority and power is not clear to me from the above, but if you you will distinguish between motivation by fear and other motivations, then I think it will become more video-accident.comMathews. Sep 12,  · Authority is having the legitimate right to wield power (police and military commanders have the authority to command others, professors have the authority to teach, certified mechanics have the authority to repair cars, earning money grants the authority to buy an iPhone, etc).

Powere and authority
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