Merchant marine and deck officer

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The Salary of a Third Mate Merchant Mariner

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Licensed mariner

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Ship Officer Jobs

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The Average Salary of a Merchant Marine Deck Officer

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The Salary of a Third Mate Merchant Mariner

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Deck Officers. Captain: Also known as the master, this person is in charge of the ship and is fully responsible for the entire crew (not just the deck officers). When there is a difference in opinion as to the course a ship should take, the captain makes the final call.

In. This is the list of the colleges that offer the Merchant Marine Deck Officer Program. Students can enroll in these colleges to prepare for the exams. Jun 27,  · Salaries of third mates on U.S. Merchant Marine vessels vary widely, beginning at a low of $35, of the military, even though the qualifications and requirements are set by the U.S.

Coast Guard (USCG). Third mates on merchant ships are licensed deck officers and often serve as ship safety officers. Third mate is the lowest. Deck Officer, US Merchant Marine Wes Heerssen is a deck officer in the United States Merchant Marine.

He currently serves aboard a transAtlantic commercial roll-on/roll-off car carrier, or “Ro-Ro.”. Merchant Marine officers may also be commissioned as military officers by the Department of Defense.

This is commonly achieved by commissioning unlimited tonnage Merchant Marine officers as Strategic Sealift Officers in the Naval Reserves. Merchant Marine officers may also be commissioned as military officers by the Department of Defense.

Unlimited Tonnage Deck officers (referred to as mates) and engineering officers are trained at maritime academies.

Merchant marine and deck officer
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