Genetic diversity and qoi fungicide resistance

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Field studies Forced selection experiments in the field have the advantage of exposing the fungicide to a much wider genetic diversity within a pathogen population than where just a few selected isolates are used in growth room or greenhouse experiments.

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Genetic diversity, QoI fungicide resistance, and mating type distribution of Cercospora sojina-Implications for the disease dynamics of frogeye leaf spot on soybean.

Anthony Pannullo awarded IANR ARD Undergraduate Student Research Award for his proposal entitled “Population genetic diversity of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum, causal agent of white mold disease of dry bean, and implications for fungicide resistance / disease management.”.

Session 3 – Fungicide Resistance Hall, Barbara – Fungicide Resistance in Australian Viticulture McKay, Suzanne – Incidence and Severity of QoI and DMI Fungicide Resistance of. Resistance risk is considered high when resistance has already been reported, or a specific, single gene mode of resistance is known within a few years under commercial use; Medium risk is associated with less frequent resistance development, or when more than one gene is involved, and the risk is considered low when the fungicide has multi-site.

Genetic diversity and qoi fungicide resistance
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