Fiscal and monetary policies in australia economics essay

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Fiscal Policy

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A Look at Fiscal and Monetary Policy

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What's the difference between monetary policy and fiscal policy?

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The government in times of economic recession has responsibility to take action, engaging in expansionary economic policies is the action my paper will discuss. The types of economic expansion include Fiscal Policy, and Monetary Policy, the expansion of the two policies allows the government to adjust taxes, and government spending.

Nevertheless, although due to the state of recession in the economy, the results anticipated in statement of Reserve Bank of Australia were not met, the current monetary and fiscal policies has managed to achieve some of it. Fiscal Monetary Policies Essay. belief of what policies are best suited to attain full employment in the economy.

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Keynesians tend to favour demand side policies and are more prone to intervene in the market and therefore prefer to use fiscal policy whilst monetarists believe adjustments in money supply is more appropriate in stabilising the market,therefore preferring monetary policy. There are two kinds of policies that can be used in a macroeconomic view, the monetary policy that is implemented by the Central Bank and Fiscal Policy that is implemented by the Government.

One of the most important debates of all times in macroeconomics. The Australian government uses fiscal policy to influence the overall level of economic activity, which in turn will influence Australia’s key economic objectives of economic growth, price stability, full employment, distribution of income, and the external stability of Australia.

In Australia the use of fiscal and monetary policies are implemented to achieve a steadily growing and stable economy. The main features to achieving the macroeconomics objectives are fiscal policy, monetary policy and floating the exchange rate.

Fiscal and monetary policies in australia economics essay
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