An analysis of the characters plot and structure theme point of view setting atmosphere and style of

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Exploring Setting: Constructing Character, Point of View, Atmosphere, and Theme

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Internal Conflict A struggle that takes place in the characters mind or heart. The Five Elements of Fiction: Story Chart THEME PLOT SETTING CONFLICT CHARACTERS. QUESTIONS FOR DISCUSSION PLOT: 1.

What happens in the story? a. What major events take place in the story as a result of the conflict? b. What events form the highest point or climax of the story’s tension?

Are they. How to Analyze a Short Story. Old Fence. A short story has a structure and a message. Is it an important part of the plot or theme? Or is it just a backdrop against which the action takes place?

Short stories tend to be told through one character’s point of view. The following are important questions to consider. This study guide helps you break down and understand the literary elements of “The Giver," including its plot, setting, characters, point of view, conflicts and themes.

Theme. Several themes run throughout this novel. We often tend to look at literary elements separately: structure (plot), symbolism, point-of-view, setting, theme, general, though, it’s often wise to combine these elements in an analytical essay.

Fiction writing

You may also write about character as long as you are combining it with an analysis of one or more of the above elements. The components of style are numerous, but include point of view, choice of narrator, fiction-writing mode, person and tense, grammar, punctuation, word usage, sentence length and structure, paragraph length and structure, tone, imagery, chapter usage, and title selection.

Narrator. The narrator is the story teller. The main character in the book .

An analysis of the characters plot and structure theme point of view setting atmosphere and style of
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