An analysis of liquids and solids

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It started in in Aarhus (Denmark). Analysis of gas, liquids & solids For the evaluation of processes and products it is extremely important to analyse all in- and output properly, and a large number of different analysis techniques are available in BTG’s laboratory.


FTIR Analysis – Infrared Spectroscopy

X-ray Analysis of Solids 1. Structure of crystalline solids can be determined by xray diffraction The temperature at which the solid and liquid states have the same vapor pressure under conditions where the total pressure is 1 atm Chapter 10 - Liquids and Solids. Thus, the KBr pellet and Nujol mull techniques have become established methods for the analysis of solid samples, while IR cells or cuvettes have been standardly used for the investigation of liquid samples.

Rapidly determine the carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, sulfur, or oxygen in inorganic and other types of materials.

Our proven elemental analyzers handle a wide variety of sample types including solids, liquids, volatile and viscous samples. Plastic Thermal Analysis and Testing. Polyhedron Laboratories performs thermal analysis testing according to ASTM standards. Thermal Analysis is a field of materials science in which the properties of materials are examined as the material changes with temperature changes.

An analysis of liquids and solids
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Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Testing and Analysis